Top 5 In-Depth ProForm Elliptical Reviews

The process of choosing the best ProForm Elliptical machine may at times be a daunting task, especially due to the fact that there is a wide array of machines to choose from. The fact that ProForm is a top manufacturer that produces high-quality machines, yet at affordable rates may make one to be spoilt for choice.

For you to get to know what to choose, you need to get a jest of what some of their top trainers are. Because your exercise requirements may be different from mine, it is only wise that you get to know some of the features and benefits of different ellipticals hence having an idea of what to go for and how to go about the selection process.

To begin with, the ProForm Elliptical machines are typically characterized with an array of onboard programs, some unique features that may only be found within this company’s elliptical machines and even entertainment accessories and options. Some of the unique features that may not be very popular with other brands include the self-generating electronics together with the folding frame design that it has.

When you are contemplating to buy a ProForm Elliptical machine, consideration of ProForm’s unique features below can make your work easier in the selection process.

Since ProForm has been a leading producer of exercise kits and accessories such as the treadmill and the famous workout bikes, and also due to the fact that their elliptical are just as world class as those of the other companies, the additional features may just be the driving factor to make you chose one elliptical machine from the range offered by the great ProForm.

ProForm Elliptical Reviews – Our Top 5 Pick

To make it easier for you to choose one of their incredible elliptical trainers below is a detailed review of their top five machines in the market. Keep on reading to get a jest that will enable you to make informed decisions.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine


  • A good warranty: Lifetime for the frame
  • Big 17” strides
  • Ease to assemble
  • Comfortable and entertaining to use, courtesy of the integrated tablet holder
  • Looks good


  • The machine makes weird noises
  • The company has forgotten about the customers
  • It is shaky

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The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine features an ergonomic rugged design that complements the pre-loaded workout programs making it easy for the machine to be used even by the novices. With a frame made of commercial-grade steel and mounted on transport wheels, you will be able to easily use the machine for a long time and with a lot of ease no matter how many times you wish to move it.

Additional features include the adjustable incline (between 3 degrees & 20 degrees), integrated speakers for entertainment during workout, oversized levers, adjustable stride ramp, padded seat featuring durable vinyl upholstery and a monitor that displays the distance, speed, calorie burn and time.

Others are an AC adapter, a cup holder, 20 digital resistance levels and the revolutionary feature associated with only ProForm: the SpaceSaver fold-away design. It has a 350-pound weight capacity.

Your ride to your fitness becomes smoother and the distance between your fitness and you shorter courtesy of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine. The tool is versatile enough and is credited to be among those elliptical you can be sure to get the upper body as well as the lower working out in equal measure thus striking a balance. With s rugged design together with the much desired preloaded workout programs, it is a trainer that offers its users variable-intensity exercises with less jarring on their joints and considerably reduced stress.

With s rugged design together with the much desired preloaded workout programs, it is an elliptical that offers its users variable-intensity exercises with less jarring on their joints and considerably reduced stress.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine is not only an exercise tool but also an entertainment facility, thanks to the music and audio compatibility features. It is not just any other elliptical but one of a class of its own. Working out has never been that interesting and enjoyable as when done with such an elliptical. Make efforts to get your piece and start working out in an entertainment theater.

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ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer Review

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical


  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Lightweight even though its capacity isn’t that small
  • Offers a variety of possible workouts
  • Enjoyable to workout with


  • Many of its plastic housings tend to easily pop off especially when on transit.
  • Difficult to contact the customer care office.

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The main features of this trainer include the incline that allows you to hike on a mountain, quick adjustment facilities and an SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance. Together with those, 18lb inertia-Enhance flywheel, the commercial-grade steel body, and the transport wheels makes the elliptical to not only deliver the best workout results but to also be durable enough. On the electronic side, it comes with an iPod compatible port, has a 5” Backlit Display and features 22 Apps.

ProForm has decided to emulate what they have done with treadmills and exercise bikes and that is to produce world class elliptical as well. The ProForm 735 Elliptical is one of such world class elliptical they have in their name. Though there are other elliptical with a capacity that’s more than its 300-pound capacity, the capacity is good enough.

The elliptical has been loaded with all the features necessary to get you fit. Whether you want to cut weight, burn the extra fat, get a good body posture and tone or any other results associated with physical exercises, this elliptical will help you achieve that.

That’s not enough. Imagine you working out with your iPod just a hand-stretch distance away? Such an entertaining experience it will be for you as you shed that extra pound and fat. Did you know that if you workout while being entertained you will definitely do the workout for long? Is this not exactly what you want? Then the time to get the Smart Strider 735 is nigh. It is a worthy deal that you should consider investing in.

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ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer Review

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer


  • Very quiet performance when the cooling fan isn’t running
  • Small when compared to most of its competitors
  • Comes with an iPad holder
  • The resistance, stride, and ramp are adjustable.
  • Though assembly isn’t that fast, it is not difficult
  • Smooth action


  • Quite loud when the cooling fan is in operation
  • Its electronic display system is somewhat primitive and requires a bit of jazzing up
  • The positioning of the bottle holder was misadvised as it favors only those who are 3-feet tall
  • Stinks thus giving the exercise room some stuffiness.

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The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer, Featuring a commercial-gauge solid steel construction, it is not only durable but great in performance. It comes with a Digital Quick Incline system, Soft Touch grips for the upper body, SMT Silent Magnetic Resistance among other facilities for achieving much more in the gym.

For diversity of workout types and intensity, the trainer has been packed with thirty-two preset workout apps, wireless chest strap, EKG Grip Pulse, and twenty-five digital resistance levels. It is among the few elliptical that have an iPod holder and iPod compatibility.

In general, this is a state-of-the-art elliptical that you will always dream of working out on whenever possible. The sleek design that features this elliptical meets a smart technology that guarantees the user a quick and above all efficient workout results. It is an elliptical that helps one to discover the real meaning of versatility. With its iFit feature, you will not only be able to track your progress but also compete with friends. What an elliptical?

Other than just the unique features, you can be able to achieve better physical results and muscle definition by the simple act of changing the workout stride. One good thing with an elliptical that comes with such a large number of features and options is the fact that it can be used by any family member. Regardless of age, sex or health condition, the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical is a trainer that will suit you and your needs.

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Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine Review

Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine


  • The assembly is easy
  • Has numerous features such as tablet & water bottle holder, heart rate monitor, 18 magnetic resistance levels, a whopping 18 workout programs etc.
  • It’s durable and looks nice


  • Comes with a relatively short power cord measuring just 6 feet
  • It’s relatively quite expensive
  • The manufacturer warranty is quite brutal. “repair may require shipping at the user’s expense”

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This elliptical is probably the best within its range with numerous features that its competitors lack. It comes with an inbuilt USB charging port, 3.5mm audio input together with speakers and a tablet holder all of which are great for your entertainment as you workout.

Its heart rate monitor helps you identify whether you need to increase the workout rates or to reduce it whereas the 20” stride together with the 15-pound flywheel, the 18 levels of magnetic resistance and the 18 different workout apps ensures that you are able to get the maximum possible workouts when you hit the gym. The Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical has been ISO 9001-certified thereby meeting the international quality standards.

Have you been looking for an elliptical that can offer you a wide range of workout plans? Are you looking for that elliptical that can necessitate for the tracking progress of your workouts? Are you looking for that elliptical that will give you value for your money?

Get the Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine and have all your problems solved. With ease in everything starting from assembly, workout, and maintenance, this elliptical can be used by anyone in the family. If you want a family member who is an amateur to benefit from elliptical workouts, all you need to do is to select a preset program and let them hit the gym. The end results shall be incredible.

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer



  • A weight capacity of 350 pounds is handsome
  • Relocating it is easy, thanks to the transport wheels
  • Best ergonomic design featuring soft grips
  • Multiple features such as LCD windows, 16 digital magnetic resistance levels etc


  • Assembly is the first workout as it is tedious
  • ProForm Customer care service is quite poor
  • The 5-year frame and 90-day labor & part warranty is poor

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The elliptical is loaded with a number of special features that you would want in an elliptical trainer. The trainer has been designed with two programs namely: the total toning PROGRAM and the cardio recumbent bike workout, the choice of what to do is in your discretion.

It also has LCD windows, accessory holder, large pedals and 16 digital resistance levels. Others are the target pacer, EKG grip pulse and the Inertia-enhanced Flywheel. All these are features that have been packed in to the elliptical with the aim of making workouts easier and more interesting than never before. You really don’t want to have an elliptical that you will always shudder from working out.

All in all, though it has its own downsides, it is a trainer worth investing your money and time on. In fact, within its price range, it comes out as among the best. In a nutshell, the design is an ingenious idea. You want an elliptical trainer that will improve on your physical health, and by extension, the mental health as well?

And in case you have been looking for that ProForm Elliptical, which has the unique features that will always give you the psyche to go for the workouts, the answer is with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. For an entry level elliptical, this would be an advisable machine. In fact, in comparison to the other elliptical of the same range, there is no doubt that this is amongst the most superior.

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Final Thought

ProForm Elliptical are world class training machines that any serious workout conscience person need to consider adding in the gym. Whereas the other companies will give you good options, ProForm gives you formidable options.

You don’t just want something common that everyone has within their disposal. In fact, for those with limited exercise space, it is not just prudent but a necessity that you have a elliptical that is foldable and can be stored in a small space whenever it is not in service.

Such a foldable feature is an attribute that you can find nowhere else but from the ProForm Elliptical machines. Go through the features of some of their most outstanding elliptical and make a decision to acquire one of these elliptical trainers that will suit your needs, plans and pockets.

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