Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

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  • Quiet and smooth in its operation.
  • Compact design that makes it very portable.
  • Gives you a full body cardio workout without the need to visit the gym.


  • Has a short stride that hinders performance for tall people.

What makes the Stamina In-Motion the Best?

If you are looking for a machine to help you work out your lower body without the need to sign up for the gymnasium, then the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer might be your best choice. This trainer will help to tone and strengthen your core muscles and also increase your overall cardio fitness. Generally, the Stamina InMotion is an excellent way to achieve your workout goals in the long run. Besides, for anyone with sore joints and knees, they will enjoy the low-impact exercise on this trainer that is easy of their hips, ankles and knees.

This trainer is one of the best Elliptical machines that combines its rich feature set and performance for an affordable price point. Built to last, it is made of a stainless steel frame that comes in handy for added stability. It also features sturdy pedals containing nonslip material. Better yet the foot pedals can be worked in both forward and reverse direction meaning that you can focus well on your lower body without the need for an extra piece of machinery.

Furthermore, every feature of the Stamina InMotion is pretty simple and straightforward. The adjustable control tension knob enables you to adjust your workout intensity, while the in-built small LCD display is ideal for monitoring your number of strides. Being a lightweight and a compact unit means that you can store it in a small room and relocated it quickly. Additionally, you can use it at the office, home or anywhere you like.

Benefits of Stamina In-Motion Elliptical?

Heart Rate

The Stamina InMotion comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that lets you keep track of your heart rate while working out. Better yet, there are handles for support when needed.

Maximum User Weight

This trainer is capable of accommodating a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. Meaning that you can use the Stamina InMotion without wobbling. In fact, any member of your family regardless of their body size or age can exercise on it. However, upon exceeding this weight limit, this machine can be shaky.

Resistance Levels

Many people like to buy elliptical machines with adjustable levels of resistance. And the Stamina InMotion caters for different individuals with varied fitness abilities are well-catered for. These adjustable tension controls enable you to vary your workout intensity just the way you want, and as you get used to certain levels of pressure, it is much possible to increase the tension for a more challenging exercise.

Display Type and Size

The Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer Reviews features an LCD display panel that lets you keep track of your workout progress. It allows you to view your total distance covered, the number of strides per min, calories burned, and the total number of strides as well as your speed among others. Although this LCD runs on battery, it still lets you monitor and achieve your workout goals.

What We Don’t Like About this Trainer

Stride Length

This elliptical machine has a short stride length of 10 to 15 inch long. While this may be ideal for short people, anyone who is above 6 feet tall might face some difficulties using it.

What are the Users Saying About this Trainer?

This machine has been well received by most users across the world, and this can be reflected in the users ranking of 3.6 out of 5. When it comes to its price, there is no other elliptical machine in its class that can beat it out. This particular workout equipment has a small price tag, meaning that anyone can easily afford it without stretching their budgets too much. Users whose primary exercise goals are to lose weight, get in good shape and work out their lower body, really appreciate this trainer.

This unit was also warmly welcomed due to its smooth and quiet operation as well as its compact design that makes this it ideal for anyone who is on premium space or in thin walled apartments. Despite this unit not having the fancy bells and whistles, it is also perfect for anyone who wants to work out on the go. While most users loved this machine, a few had their reservations. The complaints were mainly about its durability; that the machine broke down after a few times of use. All in all, this machine is quite compact, noiseless as well as easy to assemble and works as expected.

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Perfect for?

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a great elliptical machine that is simple to use and operates smoothly, the none other than Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is what you need. The most interesting thing about this trainer is that you can use it while sitting down.

Regardless of whether you are working out from home or office, this machine will let you achieve a lower body workout that is easy on your hips, ankles and joints. This trainer has become so popular since it is light weight meaning, you can quickly store and relocate it. Better yet, it’s covered by a good warranty and although it doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles it still delivers fun yet challenging workout session at your convenience.

Which elliptical machine can you use in place of the Stamina In-Motion?

If you want to experience more resistance for a challenging workout, the entry level Exerpeutic can be used in place of the Stamina In-Motion. This machine boasts a precision balanced flywheel and v-belt drive that ensure a smooth and quiet workout. It also comes equipped with outsized foot pedals feature a ribbed surface and a raised front lip section which prevent your foot from slipping during your workout. Even better, it allows you to use both the forward and backwards motion while working out.

Just like the Stamina In-Motion, the 1000XL has a custom LCD screen and the capacity to hold a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. Besides that, it lets you select from the 8 levels of resistance it comes with and you also get to enjoy a low impact workout that minimizes strain and stress to all joints in your body. Furthermore, it is in the same price range as the Stamina In-Motion hence making it perfect for budget-conscious people who want a good workout.

Is the Stamina In-Motion worth buying?

The Stamina In-Motion is an elliptical machine that speaks of greatness and efficiency. It is one among the few elliptical machines that comes in a variety of features and whose performance goes above and beyond. You are yet to get amazed at how this machine helps you burn calories, strengthen and tone your legs, abs, glutes and hips without the damage caused by high-impact.

This trainer simulates the normal elliptical motion of your feet, rotation of your hip when running or walking as well as the extension of your leg. It’s for this reason that makes the InMotion an ideal and effective elliptical machine in enhancing your cardiovascular endurance and burning calories while providing a low-impact exercise on your back and joints.

Its adjustable tension know enables you to be in control of your workout while its foot pedals can be moved in either a forward or backward direction to target your core lower body in various ways. Even more, you can track your progress with the included digital fitness monitor and also use the handles for support when need be.

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