Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn A40 Elliptical MachineLooking for an elliptical trainer to offer you with more challenging yet fun workouts than your daily routine? Manufactured by the iconic American brand, is the Schwin A40 that is up for the challenge. The A40 comes packed with a bunch of rich features and functions for an incredibly affordable price. It’s an easy to use trainer that will make your workouts seem like a no-brainer.


  • It is lightweight yet sturdy
  • Comes with interesting programs
  • Very quiet when running
  • Very easy to assemble and takes at least 2 hours to set it up.


  • Placement of pulse grips is not as convenient as it could have been
  • The fan is not strong enough

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The Schwin A40 features 7 different workout programs, an LCD monitor that provides you with all your workout information, 8 different levels of resistant, a17.5 inch stride length and forward perimeter weighted flywheels among others. However, just like any other elliptical machine, the A40 also comes with its downfalls. But does its small price tag and the included positive features make up for that? Let us take a look.

What Makes the Schwin A40 Best in the Market?

With the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine, you are assured of a low impact, full body, and cardiovascular workout at home. When compared to its contenders, the Schwin A40 scores high with its easy to use features that provide you with comfort and an enjoyable workout experience.

Speaking of comfort, the A40 features ergonomically placed static handle bars and moving handle bars let you find the most comfortable position for your hands while working out. With its standard articulating foot plates, you will never complain about foot discomfort.

When it comes to its functionality, no other machine in its class can beat it. The A40 handles well through its 8 levels of smooth yet challenging electromagnetic resistance system. You will love it more when you find out that it runs smoothly and quietly and better yet, its compact design makes it ideal for small apartments, rooms or condos.

If you love to workout in different environments each time, these trainers comes with transport wheels that allow for easy relocation. Additionally, the Schwin A40 rich feature set will be of good service and benefit to your daily workouts for a budget friendly price. CHECK FOR AMAZON PRICE.

User Experience with the Schwin A40

The Schwin A40 has made quite an impressive entrance with over 150 positive reviews. What has given it such a huge plus is its ease of assembly, the included 8 levels of ECB (eddy current resistance) magnetic resistance and a perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth performance.

Users were also pleased with its articulating foot plates that play a big role in providing adequate comfort while pedaling as well as with the outsized stabilizers that assure you of a stable solid platform. With the featured levers, the machine remains steady even when subjected to maximum user weight of 275 pounds.

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However, some users complained of the trainers LCD display window been too small that made it difficult for them to read their workout results, others also didn’t like the fact that the A4o runs on batteries. This means that since the batteries don’t last for long, if you want to reduce the hassle of buying batteries every time then you should consider buying an AC adapter as well.

Schwinn A40

Why Do I Love the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine?

I have been using this trainer for months now and I must admit that it is better compared to my 2 previous elliptical. It doesn’t come with all fancy bells and whistles of the pricier elliptical machines, but you can be sure to be impressed by its rich feature set. Here is what makes me fall in love more and more with my A40.

Stride Length

Regardless of your fitness level you will enjoy the 17-inch stride of the Schwin A40. Although it might not be great for people more than 6 feet, it works perfect for my height (5.6 feet). I can also run the trainer in 2 directions, forward and backwards and although this may feel a little strange, it does provide a great workout to different muscle groups in my body.

The Console

What can I say about the rich A40’s console other than a big shout out? Although the console is not backlit and uses AA batterers, this doesn’t limit me from enjoying it features such as an LCD panel that shows all my workout data including the distance covered, burned calories, my speed, pulse, RPM etc. It also features 6 buttons that I can easily access while working out.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart sensors are mounted at a good natural height on handlebars. The good quality sensors quickly pick up my electromagnetic out from my heart beat then display the results through the LCD monitor. This not only helps me in planning my workouts but also keeping track of my workout progress.


I am into a habit of relocating things in my home and if you are anything like me, you will have no trouble with the A40. Why is that? This is because it features transport wheels for easier mobility and storage. Also with the water bottle holder, I enjoy drinking water at my convenience while working out.

Workout Programs

It features 7 different workout programs, 6 that are preset and 1 quick start option that lets me jump straight into my workout without the need of having to enter any information.

There are also 8 different levels of resistant that allow me to get a lot of flexibility and combinations in my workouts. The forward perimeter weighted flywheel uses electromagnetic technology to simulate resistance. So, when I choose a certain program, the A40 will model a course with the 8 resistance levels then deliver it through the front perimeter wheel

What Could Be Improved?

The trainer does not allow me to include my weight, age or height into the workout programs. The only real disadvantage of this is that the read out of calories burnt may not be as accurate compared to other models that allow for this.


  • 8 different levels of resistant that allow you to get a lot of flexibility and combinations in your workouts.
  • 7 different workout programs, 6 that are preset and 1 quick start option.
  • A large LCD window that allows you to monitor up to 8 different display feedbacks- distance, time, resistance, calories burned, heart rate, speed, RPM and any other workout profile.
  • Speakers
  • Standard Articulating footplates and a 17.5-inch stride length
  • Static handlebars with grip heart rate that give you comfort while using the heart rate programs and angled moving handlebars that allow you to find a hand position that you are the most comfy with while exercising.
  • A Water bottle holder that makes it easy for you to reach out your water bottle at your convenience hence ensuring that you are hydrated at all times.

Schwinn has recognized there is a niche market for cheap elliptical trainers in the price range of $200 to $500 which only a few manufacturers have been able to produce a decent elliptical for. Although the Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer isn’t a world-beater, it is the best value for an entry-level trainer. The Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer is reasonable priced and ideal for anyone on a tight budget but want to get the most comfortable and enjoyable workouts.

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