Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Are you ready for a serious workout? If you are, you are most likely looking for a budget friendly elliptical machine with plenty of bells and whistles. The Schwinn 470 elliptical machine is from the award-winning manufacturer, Schwin. The elliptical machine features a well-equipped console that includes: a heart monitor, fat burning recording, workout programs and a high-quality LCD screen.


  • Has 4 customizable user profiles.
  • Easy to use and keeps track of your fat-burning zone for a more efficient workout experience.
  • Customizable workout programs that work well with its ergonomic design


  • It does not include a chest strap

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With this trainer, you only require at most 3 hours to put it together. You will be amazed by the included 4 user profile settings that allow for customization by each and every family member. This will enable them to keep track of their workout programs.

By combining your lower and upper body flexibility and coordination into 1 impact-free motion, the Schwinn 470 Elliptical trainer will provide you with an efficacious cardiovascular workout and in turn resulting to a low impact workout that less stress and strain on your joints. This not only gives you a full body workout but also an enjoyable experience.

What Makes the Schwinn 470 The Best?

Speaking of connectivity, the 470 budget friendly trainer makes it easy for you to set goals and track your performance. Still wondering how it is able to do this? Well, it allows you to link up the trainer to their MyFitnessPal account, for those with one, or to Schwinn Connect otherwise. With these 2, you can upload and download your goal and performance data via a USB.

This means that the elliptical is quite supportive of any user who likes to keep track of their workout progress. The 470 also allows you to change the resistance or incline of your trainer while still using it without any interruption. And although it is not as smooth and quiet in its operations compared to others in its class, it still scores high in providing its users with a good running experience.

With the machines 13 different feedback: distance, pulse, calories burned, resistance level, heart rate zone indicator, RPM and goal achievement feedback, you will always be able to plan well for your workouts and keep track of your workout progress.

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Why Do I Love Schwinn 470 Elliptical?

I must admit that since I purchased this trainer, 6 months ago, I have not had a reason to speak negatively of it. Just like any other trainer, this one comes with a few cons but weighing the benefits it has let me enjoy against its cons, the latter has no place.

So why do I love this machine?

First, it comes with adjustable programs that include 5 levels of resistance and incline. This lets me choose exactly how I want my workouts to be (easy or challenging). Besides that, the incline is automatic and can change up to 10 degrees as I still exercise. I also love the included dual monitors that allow me to see my workout stats displayed from the LCD panel and at the same time letting me listen to my favorite music from my tablet.

To spice it up, the elliptical features a USB port that also lets me charge my tablet while still exercising. Better yet, with the Schwinn 470 trainer’s included 3-speed fan, I can stay cool during long workout sessions, have my water bottle handy in the holder and listen to my favorite music from my MP3 player using its inbuilt speakers.

Does It Meet Your Fitness Need?

The machine is perfect for your home gym and for fitness enthusiasts who like to have a low impact workout. With its 4 different user profiles, it also makes it ideal for family use or for a group of people who use the same machine and want to keep track of their individual workout data. Regardless of your fitness skill level, this trainer will give you good value for your money.

Schwinn 470

ComparisonBetween Schwinn 470 and Schwinn A40

While both the Schwinn 470 and the Schwinn A40 have a some of features in common, most of them differ. For example, they both have moving and static handles bars, media tray as well as transport wheels. The A40 comes with a 17.5 inch slide length, can accommodate up to 275 lbs., support 1 user profile, has an LCD window system and 8 levels of ECB (eddy current resistance)magnetic resistance while the 470 comes with a 20 inch precision path stride, capacity of 300lb, 4 user profile support and 25 levels of resistance.

Well, the 470 is pricier than the A40 hence it comes with more and better features than the A40. If you are on a tight budget, the A40 will work just fine but if you are looking for more than simple functionality, try the 470 which only costs a couple of a thousand dollars.

Features and Benefits of 470 Elliptical Machine

25 levels of resistance

The 470 comes with 25 levels of ECB . If you like, you can also use the included 5 recline options or the control panel to adjust your resistance. There is also high inertial and high-speed perimeter weighted flywheels that ensure you enjoy a smooth experience as you working out.


It features moving handlebars with acoustic chamber speakers from that allow you to listen to any of your favorite music with high-quality sound, a large water bottle holder that makes it easy for you to reach out your water bottle at your convenience hence ensuring that you are hydrated at all times and a 3 speed fan which keeps you cool while exercising. To spice it up, the handles allow you to find a hand position that you are the most comfy with while exercising.

Stride length

The 470 Elliptical comes with a 20 inch Precision Path stride length and a 10 degree motorized ramp range which consists 6 different positions as well as oversized footplates that allow you to experience a variety of foot positions as you workout.

Stability and build quality

The 470 Elliptical Trainer can accommodate a maximum user capacity of 300 lbs. but if the limit is reached, it can cause the trainer to be wobbly. A stable solid platform is assured through the 2 integrated levelers, oversized crossbar tubing and a centrally placed frame support. Additionally, with the trainers transport wheels you can easily store and relocate it.


You can assemble the trainer all by yourself or hire a professional. It comes with a manual with concise and straight forward instructions on how to put it together. But if you like, you can use the help of a friend in order to set it up in the shortest time possible.


You can connect to MyFitnessPal app and Schwin Connect so as to export all your workout stats. An included USB port enables you to upload all of your data to either of these apps from where you can share your fitness progress with your friends and family as well as track your progress at your own convenience.

Display and goal tracking

It has 2 LCD window Systems with backlighting that enables you to keep track of up to 13 different display feedbacks. With the goal tracking functionality you can monitor your pulse, time, calories burned, distance covered, pulse among others on the display which will in turn help in planning for your workout and closely monitor your progress.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical trainers provide you with professional features that include 29 preset workout and a dual console to ensure that you get a dynamic workout experience within a sensible period of time. With this solid, flexible Elliptical Machine that comes equipped with rich functions and features, you can be sure to achieve your set workout goals.

If you are looking for an elliptical machine with lots of workout programs to make your daily routines fun and enjoyable as well as one that can customize workouts for different people, the 470 Elliptical trainer is your excellent choice.

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