Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn 430 is an entry level machine that has been designed with great features that allow its users to benefit from while working out. The elliptical comes with features that allow for the maximum possible workout by a newbie as well as those features that allow you to track your performance from one workout to the other.

Featuring computer options which include heart rate monitoring, dual display, pre-programmed workouts together with the ability to download MyFitnessPal or Schwinn Connect™, the users can get motivational factors that can steer them to do the maximum possible workouts on this elliptical trainer. A total of up to 13 workout info, including a fat-burning zone, will all give you morale to do more.

Together with these, Schwinn 430 features a six position manual ramp, designed to offer an increasing challenge when used daily. On the SchwinnConnect website, you can sign up to get a track of your weekly, monthly or even annual progress.

Getting down to a breakdown of the machine will do you more good in understanding the reasons why this elliptical is outstanding.

Schwinn 430

Pros and Cons of Schwinn 430


  • Features 22 workout programs, which is more than most of its competitors
  • Allows for customization to accommodate two users
  • Features a console that allows for up to thirteen different feedbacks for every workout.


  • Comes with a relatively poor warranty: one year electrical, two years of mechanical warranty and ten years for the frame
  • Some of the trainers within its range can support up to 400 pounds, 50 more than the 350 it supports
  • For those recovering from knee injuries, this isn’t the safest or even the quietest machine.

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Special Features and Benefits of Schwinn 430

The only thing that can make an Elliptical machine to gain popularity is the special features that it comes with and the benefits associated with these features. Schwinn has incorporated a number of valuable features that may not be found in other elliptical. These includes:


The water bottle holder and the accessories tray make it easier and safer for you to place your belongings such as your keys and the cell phones as you workout. In addition to these, the trainer features a USB charging console that enables you to have your phone close to you as it charges. You don’t want to miss those important calls.

The cooling fans are also there to cool you down during your workout periods.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

The elliptical features transport wheels for enhanced relocation. It has also been designed with a strong base and a center frame support that offers stability thus reducing the risks of injury. Others include a weighted flywheel for enhancing smooth motion together with a friction-free riding thus reduced costs of maintenance

A Renowned Brand

It is almost impossible that you can get something of sub-standardized quality from renowned brands such as Schwinn. Their machines are durable, strong and come with quality construction. This elliptical features many pros that are associated with all the Schwinn trainers.

Schwinn 430

Durability and Quality

Manufactured by a company that has stood the test of times, it is the quality of the ellipticals built by Schwinn that has enabled this company to be in existent for over a century now. Though the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is lightweight equipment, it is capable of accommodating about 350 pounds without compromising its durability. You will, therefore, use it for long.

Computer System

It features a computer system having dual screens that allow the user to set two different profiles. It also has a whopping 22 programs which include 8 heart rate controls and 9 workout programs thus giving you a variety of workouts to choose from.

Workout Tracking

The ability of a user to download their workout for better tracking makes it easier for one to steadily increase their workout rates. Nothing is as encouraging as the ability to track the number of calories used, fat burnt, heart rate etc.

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Comparison between Schwinn 430 and A40

The 430 series has some differences and similarities with the Schwinn A40 series. Below are some of their comparisons.

In terms of the cost of buying the machine, the Schwinn A40 is less costly in that it’s almost $200 cheaper than the Schwinn 430 elliptical. The Maximum Stride Length of the A40 series on the other side is 17 inches whereas for the 430 series it is 20 inches. Their magnetic resistances also vary with the 430 series having a magnetic resistance of 20 levels with its A40 counterpart having an 8 level resistance level.Schwinn 430 vs Schwinn A40


The 430 elliptical is more superior to the A40 series as far as the features are concerned. For instance, whereas the former features movable handlebars, the handlebars of the latter are stationery. In addition, the 430 series comes with a quick start feature which lacks in the A40 series.

The number of programs differs a great deal. With a total of 22 programs for the 430 series, the A40 elliptical doesn’t rival it as it has only 6 programs. Furthermore, the adjustable strides feature of the 430 elliptical lacks in the A40 series. In terms of the size, the 430 series is compacted and is just a third of the A40 series.

Entertainment and Display

As you workout with the 430 series, you stand to enjoy music among other audio presentations thanks to the speakers that are present in this series but absent in the A40 elliptical.

The display or rather readout features are also distinct, one from the other. With a more superior LED/LCD Multi-Window or rather dual readout system for the 430 Elliptical, the two-color backlit display designed for the A40 elliptical is less superior. Some of the data readouts that can be displayed on the 430 series but can’t be displayed on the A40 series include: workout summary, program profile, incline and Strides/Minute.


Even though these two trainers have some differences, there are some common similarities that they do share. These include the fact that both the A40 and 430 series have the heart rate monitoring feature, both have transport wheels, both of them have an accessory tray, both have cup holders and they both have the grip/contact sensor feature

Final Thought

All in all, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is a machine  worth buying. For an entry level machine such as this one, you are assured of quality workouts on this quality piece of workout trainer made by a formidable sports company.

Though it lacks some of the conveniences associated with modern elliptical such as the automated incline together with the chest strap heart rate feature, it is still a worthwhile equipment to spend your cash on as it has numerous other features that may be lacking in some of its competitors.

Some of those features that should trigger you to buy it include the pre-programmed workouts as well as its ability to download as well as to track your performance. In respect to its price range, it is among the best elliptical you can get in the market.

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