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ProForm PRO 16.0 NE

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If you are looking for a machine that speaks greatness, quality, performance and precision, the none other than ProForm PRO 16.0 NE fulfills all that. The PRO 16.0 NE has gained a lot of attention from avid workout trainers all over the world due to its rich feature and function set it comes loaded with. In fact, it has been listed at the top of the line in the Front Drive line of elliptical machines.


  • It’s easy to assemble and durable
  • If it compatibility
  • Has a full-color touchscreen display panel with global google maps
  • Has a steady construction and comes with a 6-year warranty


  • Has a high price tag compared to most elliptical machines
  • Some complained that the front drive design is not very comfortable

This machine comes equipped with a 32-lb flywheel that is one of the heaviest ones available in the current market. Still wondering what impact the heaviness of the flywheel has on your workouts? Well, let me enlighten you. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride, therefore, you can hop on as you enjoy the realistic terrain feeling under your feet.

If you haven’t been wowed yet by any of the elliptical trainers out there in the market, this one might surprise you. Why is that? This is because the ProForm 16.0 NE goes above and beyond with its featured full-color touchscreen as well as an android browser. You can now get some work done, socialize with your friends on social sites, catch up on your favorite TV shows, movies and news. Besides, this unit is wi-fi compatible and also features a tablet holder for convenience and productivity.

You will also enjoy choosing from a wide variety of features 40 workout programs, including programs that help your target on your workout goals such as strength building and weight loss. The programs together with the featured multigrid handles let you adjust your upper body exercises to perfectly complement your personal preferences.

What Makes the ProForm 16.0 NE best in the Market?

You will not find an elliptical machine that beats out the ProForm 16.0 NE. Not only does it come in a good design and a sturdy construction but has an outstanding performance. Although its price point will put off at first, you can be rest assured that this is equally matched by its capability and features.

Have you always wanted a machine that gives you a chance to include your workout progress, monitor your fitness stats and be able to share your achievements through social media? With the included full-color touchscreen this is possible. And if you don’t want to sign up for the gym yet you still want to experience the gym fitness experience, try the 40 workout programs on this trainer.

They are designed by experienced workout professionals to enable you to select any of the programs of your choice by just the touch of a button. The end result is that the trainer adjusts the resistance level and the incline of the ramp. Speaking of resistance, you can now decrease or increase the intensity of your exercises by just changing from the 26 resistance levels; ranging from the easiest to toughest.

Users Experience with ProForm PRO 16.0 NE

The PRO 16.0 NE scores highly due to its user friendliness. This trainer comes pretty much fully assembled out of the box thus it only takes you few minutes to set it up. When it comes to the console, it is straightforward and all you have to do is navigate through your workout stats by the touch of a button.

Users who bought this machines were very pleased with its smooth, silent and frictionless workouts, owing this to the patented magnetic resistance technology. They also appreciated the fact that they could monitor their heart rate with the included wireless chest strap. Aside from that, this feature was loved even more because it is great for making your workout sessions challenging and more productive.

With the iFit feature, users can add new dimensions to their exercises. They can even create customized workout programs which are designed by certified professionals. They said this feature enabled them to reach their fitness goal quickly and with much ease. Most users were also happy with the multi-position upper body grips that allows them to work out their arms, shoulders as well as their backs.

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ProForm PRO 16.0

What We Love About This Trainer?

Sturdy and Solid

The PRO 16.0 NE has a very sturdy construction. It is capable of accommodating a maximum user weight of 375 lbs. This, together with its adjustable stride, makes it the best choice for tall and heavy users. Also, when it comes to stability, this is well catered for by its heavy 32 lb. flywheel

26 Resistance Levels

This trainer comes with 26 digital levels to choose from. If you like, you can start out easy then progress to something more intense with time. Also, each resistance level is smooth, silent and frictionless, all thanks to the Silent Magnetic Resistance technology.

iPod Compatible Audio

I bet no one likes to workout in a boring environment. For this reason, the PRO 16.0 NE lets you have an interesting and fun fitness session. You can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes while still working out.

Web-Enabled Screen

You can monitor your workout stats and browse your favorite blogs and websites while working out. This has been made possible by the featured web-enabled, touchscreen display. Likewise, you catch up with your friends on social media and check and reply to your emails.

20 inch Power Adjustable Stride

For anyone whose main goal is to achieve a better upper and lower body muscle definition, then they should consider adjusting their workout stride every now and then. With the ProForm PRO 16.0, you have the power in your hands to do that. You will enjoy its 20-inch power adjustable stride that allows you to reposition, depending on your specific needs. For this reason, the PRO 16.0 elliptical is a trainer that is best suited for anyone regardless of their body size and age.

Multi-Position Upper body Grips

With this feature, you can enjoy added resistance as well as intense movement on your upper body. This ensure that your arms, back, and shoulders get a challenging exercise.

40 Workout Apps

You will appreciate the fact that with the PRO 16.0 NE, you can now get access to professional exercises. These workouts are fully loaded and will give you a challenging experience in a short amount of time

What Could Be Improved?


The ProForm PRO 16 NE is not compact. This means that it takes a lot of space. If you are on a premium space, this machine might not be ideal for you.


Truth be told, this elliptical comes at a high price point in the market. However, considering its performance and high quality, it is worth the cost.

Our Favorite Features of PRO 16.0 NE

  • 24 levels of resistance
  • Has an EKG grip pulse that integrates a wireless chest strap
  • Multi-position upper body grips
  • Adjustable, oversized cushioned foot pedals for comfort
  • Capable of accommodating up to 376 lb.
  • iPod compatible
  • iFit enabled
  • Has a cooling fan
  • Tablet holder
  • 7-inch full-color touch screen
  • Water bottle holder for keeping you hydrated all through your workout sessions
  • 40 workout programs
  • Comes with a heavy 32 lb. flywheel to provide a smooth ride
  • 20-inch adjustable stride

The ProForm PRO 16.0 NE is one of the top rated elliptical machines that features 24 resistance levels, 40 workout programs, and a variety of more features to keep you motivated for long until you reach your workout goals.

Likewise, you can optimize the featured power-adjustable preferences and still enjoy a fun yet challenging workout for with your friends and family. In a nutshell, this trainer is worth investing in and you can be rest assured to get good value of your money.

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