Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review – A Great Little Machine

Gazelle Edge review

Gazelle Edge

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What more would you like than an elliptical trainer that focuses on muscle strengthening and toning, weight loss and cardiovascular exercise? With the Gazelle Edge machine, you can now comfortably work out both your upper and lower body while improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories.


  • Comes with clear and concise Instructions on how to operate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store owing that to its foldable nature
  • Supports a maximum user’s weight of 250 lbs.


  • Although its can fold flat, its pedals fall loosely on the tether cable that makes somewhat difficult to move it around

The Gazelle Edge features a patented, dual-action split suspension that provides a complete range of motion starting from a slow walk to a complete run, without you having to make sudden stops and put much pressure. This low impact aerobics exercise ensures that you don’t experience muscle strains and sprains associated with such typical high powered cardio exercises.

For this reason, the Gazelle is ideal for use by anyone with a maximum user weight of 250 pounds regardless of their ages, body size or fitness levels. Even better, this elliptical trainer is outstandingly stable, smooth and quite in its operations, has a 5 function control panel that provides you with immediate feedback on your workout time, distance covered, speed and an approximation of your burned calories, extra wide foot platforms for added stability as well as an included 2 AAA batteries.

Why Should You Buy Gazelle Edge?

One of the Gazelle Edge trainer’s selling point is its compact design that allows for easy portability. When it comes to storage, you will not have to worry about it because the Edge takes care of this issue with is foldable flat feature. This will not only help you save on more needed space but also make it easy for anyone to relocate the trainer.

To spice it up, you will love the low impact workouts provided by the Edge. It ensures that your feet never leave its pedals hence minimizing impact shocks that are generated by footfall. Being a low impact trainer means that it’s perfect for those who suffer from impact related injuries in the lower body like damaged ankles and knees.

What Makes the Gazelle Edge Trainer Best?

There are many brands and a wide variety of elliptical models in the market with each vender touting their products as the best. However, when buying an elliptical for your home use, the final decision downs on its features, price and performance.

With the Gazelle Edge, you will be more than surprised to find out how well it combines its best features to offer you with the best elliptical at a friendly price point. All said, let’s check out what makes this machine outperform others in its class.

Smooth motion

Most of low-end elliptical machines do not really live up to expectations when it comes to motion. Many a times, they are jerky and if you are on a low budget, this is unavoidable. With the Gazelle Edge, you can be sure to enjoy distraction-free workouts with its smooth motion.

Extra wide foot platforms

The large foot platforms are perfect for use by all users regardless of their feet size. The foot platforms make it less likely for your foot to slip out of place and if you plant your foot squarely in the middle of the foot platform, you get to enjoy lots of space for movement.

Smooth speed transition

Thanks to the Gazelle Edge’s simple design that makes it a smooth ride. It lets you take full control of your movement hence giving you an opportunity to transition naturally from slow to fast pace while mimicking your own natural change of stride and pace.


The Gazelle Edge will make a good saving for anyone who is budget conscious. The Edge comes with better features for its price compared to other pricier elliptical machines in its class. If you are looking for a basic form of workout equipment, the Gazelle will for sure satisfy you. Click Here to Check Amazon Price.

Why Do We Love the Gazelle Edge?

The Gazelle Edge comes with a rich set of features that will mesmerize you. Here are the reasons why you should try it.

Number of programs

Although this elliptical l trainer doesn’t come with any present programs, it is possible for you to customize your exercise programs using the included manual or exercise videos.


When compared to treadmills, the Gazelle Edge comes with a small display. However, this doesn’t limit you from tracking your workout progress. The Edge fitness computer still does a great job of displaying all of your crucial workout data such as time spent working out, distance covered, calories burned etc.

Resistance levels

Despite the fact that this trainer doesn’t allow you to adjust the resistance level, it still provides you with a low-impact workout which is easy of your knees and hips and intern lead to toned muscles, weight loss and increased cardio fitness.

Gazelle Edge

What Could Be Improved?

Weight capacity

This elliptical trainer doesn’t accommodate much weight when compared to other trainers. While most have a capacity to hold around 300 pounds, the Gazelle has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs. This could be a big blow to anyone one looking to loose weight or a tall person with a huge body mass

No resistance settings.

If you are you a fitness aficionados looking for an elliptical trainer with a variety of resistance levels to give you intense workouts, then I wouldn’t recommend the Gazelle Edge. This is because exercise with this trainer takes place at literally the same degree as when you run or walk thus you.

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User Experience with Gazelle Edge

What makes any product great in the market is how well it is received by its users. Most users of the Gazelle Edge rated it 4 out 5 because of a number of reasons. For one, they like the ease of assembly of this trainer and the included manual with clear and concise instructions.

They also appreciated the trainer’s smooth and quite operation despite the fact that it comes with no motorized parts or drive belts as well as its foldable flat design that allows them to move the machine from one room to another. Some also didn’t like a few features of this trainer such as lack of programmable programs and adjustable resistance levels.

Features of the Elliptical Machine

  • Low-impact in-home machine for weight loss, muscle toning, and cardiovascular exercise
  • Dual-action split suspension that provides you with a full-range arc motion
  • 5-function control panel that provides immediate feedback on your distance covered, speed, time, and calories burned
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Lightweight design for easy movement from one room to another
  • Extra-wide non-skid foot platforms which fold flat for easy storage
  • Clear and concise instructions for easy assembly
  • A rolled steel frame for durability and comfort.
  • High-density long foam handlebars for you to grip low or high based on your height
  • Maximum user weight of 250 pounds

Considering the above-mentioned qualities of the Gazelle Edge, this cardio machine is a good investment for novices or just anyone who wants to get in shape without stressing their joints. With a small price tag, computer features to help you keep track of your daily workout progress and a sturdy design, the Gazelle Edge machine may be all you need to drop the extra body pounds. For anyone who is realistic with their expectations, this home elliptical trainer will offer you great value for your money.

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