Elliptical Machine Benefits and Disadvantage

Elliptical Machine Benefits and Disadvantage

Elliptical machines are among the most common types of physical training equipment that are used in the modern homes and gyms. It is important to understand that the machine is not only a weight loss instrument but is also accompanied with other advantages. These include shaping the body to a desired shape and manner as well as gaining strength and endurance among others.

The market offers a wide range of elliptical machine types which come with a difference in size and purpose. The main reason as to why people are buying this machine for their homes today is to fight the overweight problems. No matter the purpose, if you need to practice with this machine, you have the option of going to the gym or alternatively buying one for your home where you can practice from.

For those who didn’t know much about this machine, it is associated with a number of benefits that you really would want to get. However, it is important to understand that the critics have also come with some limitations of the elliptical. However less worthwhile these limitations may be it is in order that we analyze both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of the Elliptical Machine

The pros of the machine or rather the benefits that come with working out on this machine are many. They include:


Quick Weight Loss

  • The machine is very effective in enabling the user to lose weight at a steady rate and fast enough.
  •  It is just as efficient as the treadmills and the electric bikes
  • To add to its efficiency, working out on the elliptical is not as boring as working out on the former two.
  •  The machine can be regulated according to the calorie burn requirement as per the sex, capacity, weight, power, age and the person’s determination.
  •  There is an evident track record that proves the effectiveness of the machine
  • With regular use, lots of fats and calories will be burnt
  • Since all the body muscles are strenuously used during exercise, the equipment guarantees one a massive loss of body fat evenly in the entire body.


  • Exercising with this equipment relieves the user from hip pain
  • It is suitable for those with joint problems especially the old.
  • Whereas the treadmill is characterized by high impact workout, the elliptical does require just some low impact but with great benefits.
  • Unlike, the other exercise machines, the user’s joint are protected when using the elliptical

Elliptical Machine Benefits

Whole Body Workout

  • Working out with this machine will benefit your entire system
  • The proper movement of your hands will be inspired by the repetitive propelling of your hands back-and-fro. The hips too benefit from this motion
  • Repeated backward propulsion of the pedals works the gluts of the body and the buttocks. In the same backward propulsion, the front thigh area is also worked out thus making it firm.
  • In order to increase the abdomen Abs, the user exercises while leaving the hands off with the pedaling being done with lots of focus on the abdominal area.
  • It enriches both the lower and the upper body parts. In other words, it works out the entire body.

Adjustment of Machine Intensity

  • It is possible to adjust the machine’s speed so as to mimic running and climbing at inclines of your choice
  • The speed of the machine can also be altered so as to provide different workout intensities
  • You can initial lower the intensity and gradually increase it as you get used to the initial intensities.

Injury Free

  • The equipment has been designed in such a manner that the user will not lose balance during the exercise period.
  • You can therefore not fall while practicing
  • It’s easy to learn using it as compared to the learning process and period of the other machines
  • The machine itself doesn’t cause injury during your course of training

Workout at Home

  • It can domestically be used to train the body
  • It is important in body toning when used by anyone at home
  • They won’t eat much of your home space

Stronger Body

  • The muscle development results can be noticed faster than when using the other forms of exercise equipment
  • Speed development while using this machine builds up stamina
  • The act of using the elliptical enables the body to develop resistance


At last, you can do your workouts in a clean environment indoors and away from the stuffy gym rooms.


  • You can now workout while watching your favorite TV programs.
  • You also need to worry no more about the rain and other natural calamities that may affect your outdoor workout times and intensity.

Disadvantages of the Elliptical Machines

The cons that are associated with this machine are detailed below:

No Choice for Muscle Building

  • If you are interested in muscle toning, you will be needing extra instrument.

Low Intensity

  • For athletes who really want a very rigid machine, the elliptical is a drawback to them
  • Its intensity will only suit the novice beginners


  • The cost of this product is quite high. On average, it goes for $2,000
  • It is not readily available to the common person
  • Careful observation during the quality selection process is also required during the buying process. Remember that the better quality it is, the more expensive it becomes.

Limited Scope

  • Since it is just a single machine, there is a limited scope or rather range of exercises that can be done hence making it only very beneficial to the beginners.
  •  It may prove difficult to use by beginners especially when it comes to pedaling when it is at full intensity
  • A supplement may be required for the machine to work at the efficiency of the other types of machines.

Cardio-Vascular Problems

  • The swinging of the hands together with pedal propelling can cause cardio issues if done without moderation
  • People with low strength may end up developing spasms around the chest area.


  • Though not as boring as with the case with the other trainer machines, the fact remains that exercising with a machine is boring as compared with exercising outside in nature.

In Review

Though the machine has its own cons, the pros outdo the cons. And as they say, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and the elliptical machine has its. First get the zeal of working out on this machine, choose the best quality among those that the market offers and be committed towards working out on it and you will have an interesting experience with it.

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