Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual

Is your schedule too tight and you barely get time to sign up for the gym? If that is the case, don’t worry there is a large number of people out there experiencing the same problem. However, this doesn’t mark the end of your journey towards achieving a good physique and living healthy. The Body Champ BRM3671Elliptical trainer is a savior for all.


  • Affordable, yet good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile (an Elliptical and a Bike)
  • Light weight, hence easy to move around


  • Has a shorter stride length of 14 inches compared to other trainers.
  • A bit Noisy

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This machine will not only help you stay in shape and lose weight but also, let you workout at the convenience of your home. Body Champ BRM3671 is a cross machine that is a combination of a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine and works great to help you lose weight and enhance your general cardiovascular health.

It is budget friendly, light-weight and compact in design thus making it ideal for anyone on premium space or living in a thin-walled apartment. When it comes to features and functionality, no machine beats the Body Champ BRM3671. It features 16 levels of resistance, 20 in-built programs, LCD display and a capacity to hold a maximum user weight of 250 lb. and better yet, you get 2 machines for the price of one.

What Makes Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer the Best?

The Body Champ BRM3671 will sure fascinate you by its performance and functionality. It works just expected and has a sturdy construction. The fact that you can conveniently use Body Champ trainer as both an elliptical and a bike, it provides you with either a full body or lower body workout.

When it comes to storing and relocation of this machine, you will not experience any problems because it very light, weighing about 90 lbs. If you weigh at most 250 lb., the Body Champ is capable of accommodating that weight comfortably without wobbling to give you an enjoyable yet challenging workout experience.

It comes with easy to follow instructions that help you to set it up in just a few hours, after which you can enjoy using the computerized preset set programs and other included features for an efficient workout.

User Experience with Body Champ BRM3671

The BRM3671 is highly rated by a good number of its users. Most users gave it 4 out of 5 stars for a couple of reasons. One, they liked the fact that you can easily assemble it within a few minutes as well as its compact design that lets you store it even in small room with limited space.

The other thing that gave this trainer a vast advantage was its price. It is relatively affordable than most machines in the market that have nearly the same features. However, some users, especially those who are over 16 feet, didn’t like this trainer’s stride length. They said that with the 14-inch stride, it was difficult and uncomfortable for them during the workout sessions.

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Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Why Do We Love the Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer?

Two-in-One Cardio Machine

The Body Champ BRM3671 trainer is a cross between an elliptical trainer and exercise bike. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a full body or lower body cardio workout. Simply sit down on its comfortable seat and grab the Body Champ’s handles for an intense bike riding exercise, or just stand up then grab the upper handles and enjoy an elliptical workout. With either of these machines, you can add a variety to your exercises. This enables you to stay on the right track to reach your workout goals.

Resistance Levels

This trainer features a magnetic resistance system with 16 different levels of resistance. This enables you to adjust your resistance according to you our fitness level in order to achieve the best workout. Furthermore, you can change the tension easily, back and forth, hence making it an ideal trainer for different people.


This hybrid trainer provides an in-built LCD console that can be programmed by each user in order to get the most benefits from every exercise session. At just the touch of a button, you can switch between the different included programs and in turn the trainer will display your basic workout information including time used, heart rate, distance, calories burned and speed.

Number of Programs

It comes with 20 preset programs and functions that are controlled by the featured console. This programs not only helps you work out and tone your body muscles but also keep your workouts fun and interesting. If you like, you can use the included DVD to customize your own workouts.


It would be quite difficult to buy both an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer for less than the price of this dual machine. You would probably have to sacrifice a certain level of quality in order for the total cost of the 2 machines to be less than the cost of the Body Champ trainer.

Therefore, combining 2 machines for the price of 1 is a great deal not only for people on a tight budget but also for anyone who likes to mix a variety of workouts at the convenience of their home. Check for price on Amazon.

Heart Rate

This trainer includes a monitoring system in the handlebars which is useful for keeping track of your heart rate during workouts. This makes it ideal for use during training and also for people who are recovering from heart surgery. You will get the best benefits and results by staying in a consistent zone throughout your workouts.

What Could be Improved?

Length Of Stride

The Body Champ trainer’s stride length (14 inches) is ideal for anyone below 6 feet tall. If you are taller than 6 feet, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to get used to this trainer.


If you weigh over 200 lb. and looking to push yourself hard, this machine may not serve that purpose. It is designed for moderate exercises, otherwise, it becomes wobbly and even tightening the bolts and screws doesn’t help.

Level Of Resistance

It is surprising that this trainer, has very tough resistance levels. This is good not very good for beginners since the lowest resistance level for this machine is fairly tough. For this reason, you will it is difficult especially when you want to just do warm up and cool down routines.

Features of Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

  • Patented 2-in-1 Elliptical Motion Design Technology that allows you to use the trainer as an exercise bike or elliptical machine for an increased cardio workout.
  • 16 motor-driven, magnetic levels of resistance that can be automatically adjusted.
  • 14 inch stride length that accommodates both the bike and elliptical motions.
  • 12 pre-programmed workouts that psyche you up throughout your exercises.
  • Heart rate monitoring in the stationary handlebars.
  • Adjustable seat with vertical and horizontal movement.
  • An included 15-minute DVD to demonstrate proper warm up and how to get the most out of this trainer.
  • Accommodate a maximum user weight of 250 lbs.

Dual machines come with a couple of benefits, and the Body Champ trainer is definitely one of the top rated ones available. If you are on a tight budget or a beginner in home fitness and equipment, this trainer will offer you the best value for your money. You will get to enjoy a wide range of workouts at different workout speeds at your own convenience.

The Body Champ is easy to setup, lightweight hence making it easy to move around and can fit in any corner of your apartment. However, if you are above 6 feet tall, it is worth looking at some alternative workout trainers that are best suited for you. Otherwise, the overall rating of this product is pretty good and you can be sure to enjoy your workouts from the comfort of your home.

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